73 Public Housing San Sebastian de los Reyes-IVIMA

The characteristics of the site impose two main orientations on the building, east and west. The units are arranged forming frames that look toward the street and park and, therefore, turning their back to the free-way, which is a source of annoying noise.

The basic typology of the building is a paired block that is displayed within a double frame of artificial grass. Between both blocks we find a vertical core, facilities and cloth hanging areas, all together set back from the blocks. Then we find different typologies among the blocks. On one hand, a 3 storeys building type with nine 1 and 2 bedroom units, with a western tilted façade of artificial grass and terraces. On the other hand, a two storeys 2 bedrooms housing unit, also with the tilted façade on the west side. All together, the proposal creates a porous front that arranges the building types as if it was a musical score with notes (the blocks) and silences (the rest of the pitched typologies). The way the system is articulated responds to the surrounding buildings and voids among them, connecting the proposal not only with the closest environment, but the further Regional Natural Park and the green areas around, too.

The vertical façades display a continuous texture combining Venetian blinds and folded aluminum sheets, diluting the domestic scale of openings through the whole height.


calle hoces del duratón nº 8
san sebastián de los reyes – madrid – spain
project 2007 – 2010


IVIMA – government of madrid


elena orte
guillermo sevillano


bárbara rodríguez. architect
luis quintano. architect
jesús huerga. structure engineer
nuria sáiz. quantity surveyor
antonio molina y raúl romero. facilities engineer
riccardo forabosco. artificial grass

73 Public Housing San Sebastian de los Reyes-IVIMAmaster