Library in Barcelona

The building appears as a sculptural solid that generates a big chamfer that replicates those consistently found in the urban surroundings of Barcelona. An elevated square leads the visitors to the library public access. This operation provides accesses from the street to the three different programs: the nursery school, the historic archive and the library. It also makes possible the autonomous operation of each one.

The building resembles a stack of open books with perforated sheets. Each «book» is created by a dense structure of cross-laminated timber  screens. Each of them is oriented in different directions. Not only the structural requirements define each screen direction, but also the lighting conditions, the space character and the urban connections.

Similar display takes place on the second floor, where the children’s library is located facing the square chamfer. The large timber screens of the roof provide an clear space below for the general library. It enjoys the views through a series of patios and big openings facing the unobstructed urban spaces.

Besides, the building is organized around a wide patio that connects all the program uses together with the main staircase and a network of vegetation. This big void also brings natural light into the heart of the nursery school improving its lighting conditions.

The result is a dense structure made out of timber that enhances haptic qualities (warmth, texture, smell and hydrothermal performance) and provides warm and intimate areas while the structural layout provides a variety of spaces. The library, as the ultimate public space, is rendered as everyone’s home, so any user will find its special nook.



carrer concilio de trento
sant martí  – barcelona – spain
first prize competition 2015
project 2015


BIMSA – municipallity of barcelona


elena orte
guillermo sevillano


marta romero. architect
jesús lópez. architect

diego molina. architect
luis sierra. architect
javier janda. architect
sara contreras. architect

rita álvarez, miguel rivera, miguel ángel maure, maría del carmen abellán, irene almazán, lucía rubiera, pablo corroto, fran orellana, pablo fernández, diego melero interns
miguel nevado. timber structure engineer
úrculo ingenieros. facilities engineer

marta romero, patricia minguito. thematic research project applied to furniture

marta romero. visualizations

jesús granada. photos

Library in Barcelonamaster