OUR SHELVES houses is a collective housing project in open block containing 8 houses and two-floors buildings with a house and two offices.

Every house is a 3-bedroom duplex homes with staggered rooms and lift service on all floors. All the houses have a private outdoor space, garden on the ground floor and a large terrace in the attics. In addition, the project offers unique features that allow each cooperative to customize and receive a design adjusted to their own home (we do not just talk about choosing materials). The complex has a swimming pool, garden and community facilities (laundry, gym, etc.).

The building is organized in different mezzanines, so each house disposes 3 different heights. This makes it possible for all homes to have a garden, 4 of them have a garden on the ground floor and the other 4 have a terrace on the attic.

The facade is one of the main elements of the project because of the depth of its horizontal planes and the vegetation planted in. That allows the privacy and lighting control of the rooms. In addition, the skin can be used as a storage space due to its setback.


madrid – spain
private comission 2015
project 2015




elena orte
guillermo sevillano


marta romero. architect
jesús lópez. architect

sara contreras. architect
diego molina. CG architect
luis sierra de hita. arquitect
maría del carmen abellán, irene almazán, miguel ángel maure, pablo corroto, costanza magli. interns

marta romero. visualizations

jesús granada. photos