The PLAY-TIME II is a 4 apartments project for short-term rental.

The movement of the building shape allows each one to have its own terrace and have a suitable relationship with the existing adjacent buildings. The developer chose the place because he was looking for an oasis in the city. As architects, we thought of intensifying that condition. The movement of the building provides each housing with its own terrace and the construction system displays its own garden in the perimeter.

The result is four tree-houses, surrounded by more than forty different species of climbing plants, chosen according to the orientation, whether they are evergreen or deciduous, their leaves and fruit color, flowering period, smells and textures. Thus the green tapestry provides the main architectural features of the envelope (solar and hygrothermal control, vision and intimacy adjustments) and a catalog of sensorial experiences.

As a result, the building collects the aspirations of the developer as well as disciplinary obsessions (the vertical garden, the spiral organization, typological subversions, and the apparently free and in-formal envelope shape) but it does so in a way we had to learn everything along the way and we now feel that we could not do without any of the elements without sacrificing the entire project.


calle garcía quintanilla nº 24, 26
ciudad lineal – madrid – spain
project 2011 – construction 2013-2015


private comission


elena orte
guillermo sevillano


bárbara rodríguez. architect
luis quintano. architect
rita álvarez-tabío. intern
jesús huerga. structure engineer
nuria sáiz. quantity surveyor
julio gonzález. green façade
raúl romero y antonio contreras. mechanical engineering
jesús granada. photos


sando-comeut – structure
diezma rosell construcciones s.l.- masonry and facilities
diseño y construcciones guadarrama s.l. – contractor