Library and Multipurpose Center Fuerteventura

Our proposal for this project, putting side to side the book and the building, comes from our believe in the physical condition of both items and the social network linked to their materiality. The book and the library are not only devices for communication, but objetcs that constitute our physical environment, onto which we build our society. Even when some of their functions have been replaced by undoubtedly more efficient technologies, their corporeality has no replacement.

Hence, exploring the possiblity of converting the abstraction of a book into a library is not only a suitable architectural design exercise, but an appropriate position whose implications we find necessary in this first decade of the new century

The building is configured as a dense structure of carved CLT screens, wrapped in folded sheets of Corten steel. Bonded all together they form a porous solid of multiple interior sequences and exterior scenes. Outside, the volume organizes a transition between the four height buildings in the surroundings and the open space of Felix Lopez park, freeing up public space for a plaza to which the façade displays an open and readable interface. The landscape of folded sheets is eloquent about the use of the building in a sophisticated way, but it also wants to be a decidedly urban, public and accessible architecture.


avd. islas canarias s/n
gran tarajal – fuerteventura – canary islands – spain
first prize competition 2010
project 2011


municipallity of fuerteventura


elena orte
guillermo sevillano


bárbara rodríguez. architect
luis quintano. architect
rita álvarez, miguel rivera, eduardo mediero. intern
archi(O)logics adolfo nadal. parametric design
miguel nevado. wood structure engineer
jesús huerga. concrete structure engineer
úrculo ingenieros. facilities engineer
nuria sáiz. quantity surveyor

Library and Multipurpose Center Fuerteventuramaster